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Limited Edition Handmade Dreamcatcher
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Limited Edition Handmade Dreamcatcher "As a band that travels the world as we do, our fans are always giving us lots of little gifts. The moment we received the Dream Catchers, we all knew we had received something that was truly unique and special. This is a small dream come true to be able to share this with Dream Theater fans everywhere!" --Jordan Rudess

Each limited edition handmade Dreamcatcher comes with a hand-signed card from the band. Maybe yours will be one of just four that features an additional handwritten message.

A 3-D printer was used to produce the Majesty symbol. The authentic materials, sourced from a family-owned Native American arts & crafts business in Canada, used in making these limited edition Dreamcatchers include:

Red feathers (Guinea fowl quills)
Black duck small wing quills
Deer skin leather
Glass beads

Qty: US$295.00